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As important as project management methodology is to projects’ success, so too
is Total Quality ("TQ") or Total Quality Management ("TQM"). Unfortunately, the
valuable lessons taught by the great thinkers of TQ- W. Edwards Deming, Joseph
Juran, Philip B. Crosby and many other- seem to have been forgotten by many
companies. While TQ was a popular fad in the 1980’s, it is still very relevant
today: and it is sorely missing.

"Total Quality" (TQ) is a people-focused system that aims at continual increase in
customer satisfaction at continually lower real costs. TQ is a total system
approach (not a separate area or program) and an integral part of high-level
strategy; it works horizontally across functions and departments, involves all
employees, top to bottom, and extends backwards and forwards to include the
supply chain and the customer chain. TQ stresses learning and adaptation to
continual change as keys to organizational success. The foundation of total quality
is philosophical: the scientific method. TQ includes systems, methods and tools.
The system permits change; the philosophy stays the same. TQ is anchored in
values that stress the dignity of the individual and the power of community action."

Roseman Management, Inc., through extensive research, education and
experience, knows how, when and where projects fail. Moreover, Roseman
Management, Inc. can execute the solutions to prevent these failures. This
knowledge and experience combined with the use of The Project Management
Institute’s methodologies and the principles of Total Quality Management creates
successes out of failures and brings organization to disarray.
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