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Roseman Management, Unique Approach To Project
Management Will Greatly Improve Your
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It is not realistic to review all of the strategies companies could adopt to avoid
or reduce the probability of project failures.
One of the best methods for
preventing project failures is to bring in unbiased third parties to
evaluate the states of projects. Perhaps the most unbiased third parties
are consultants.
Mark Keil, an associate professor at Georgia State
University, states,
"An outsider can walk into the project setting for 20
minutes, talk to a few people and come to the conclusion that things
have run amok. But people inside may not even be aware".
Having Roseman Management evaluate and work on projects, in order to
facilitate organizational learning from past project mistakes, obtain senior
leaders' visible participation and support of projects and end user involvement,
while following best practices and established project management
methodologies and other strategies greatly improves the probability of
successful IT/IS projects.
What Makes Roseman Management Approach To
Project Management Unique And Successful?
Following established project management methodologies greatly improves the
probability of successful IT/IS project.
Roseman Management uses the
methodologies of the Project Management Institute ("PMI").

PMI is the world’s leading professional project management association, with
over 86,000 members in 125 countries worldwide. PMI has defined
internationally recognized project management methodologies. These are the
most widely accepted standards for the practice of the project management.
PMI’s standards document,
A Guide to the Project Management Body of
("PMBOK Guide"), is the internationally recognized standard for
managing projects. PMI's methodology is applicable to virtually all industries,
such as aerospace, automotive, business management, construction, engineering,
financial services, information technology, pharmaceuticals and

Using the Project Management Institute's PMBOK Guide as a
foundation, Roseman Management combines the philosophy of Total
Quality Management and ongoing research to create a unique project
management approach that prevents project failures.
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